Intervention, Prevention, Motivation, Mentorship and Education


Each year in Los Angeles County, an increasing number of young people, join gangs or turn to a life- style of criminal activity. Motivateum Inc. strives to decrease these numbers by working with different agencies throughout the county. Motivateum Inc. is a nonprofit organization where at risk youth can receive the guidance and tools to resist the lure of negative activities so they may achieve excellence in their daily lives. Through a structured program of mentoring and education, Motivateum Inc. strives to give young people from the community a sense of purpose; allowing them to pursue their dreams and to see the goals they set while in the program, made manifest.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Motivateum Inc. to provide positive motivation to at-risk youth through mentorship and education. Through various community and professional networks, we strive to instill a sense of self- worth, achievement and knowledge in the field of computer science and life skills. Through specific skills training and collaborative community efforts, we demonstrate excellence and achievement in a safe and enriching environment designed to foster long term positive results.

Our Vision

We envision a safe community equipped with skilled, responsible and law abiding youth who will lead and foster positive changes.