Motivateum Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization established by Michael Clark in 2012 for the sole purpose of helping at-risk find a positive path.

After spending most of his life in and out of prisons due to being involved in criminal activities, Michael Clark became tired of his wayward behavior and life in the streets. As Michael began to make positive changes in his life, he realized that the youth in his community were in need of help. Michael began to visit local high schools around Los Angeles County, sharing his life experiences with the students. After several years of working to impact lives in the community through his testimony, Michael decided to become more involved and develop a more comprehensive approach to fostering the changes he desired. Michael began teaching computer skills, and established pertinence in his interactions with the at- risk youth he led. By demonstrating his maturation, skills and connections, Michael began to positively impact some of the youth he once played a part in leading astray. His nonprofit organization was born from this willingness to make a difference.

What Is Motivateum Inc.?
Motivateum Inc. is a non-profit organization established for the sole purpose of assisting at risk inner city youth in finding a positive path in life; it is a Phase Three Focal Point Program which includes, motivating, mentoring and educating.
We motivate at risk youth by using positive reinforcement to draw out an inner willingness to achieve goals through developing focus and establishing purpose. By demonstrating to the youth we serve that there is more to life than what lies just beyond their neighborhoods. We do this by going on field trips, inviting guest speakers and by utilizing a program designed to broaden their networks. We encourage our youth to dream, and then invest in their ideas to help make them a reality. As we constantly reinforce the notion that they can achieve anything they put their minds to, our professional guest speakers will serve as examples of success.
We mentor the youth in our program by pairing them up with a qualified adult mentor. These mentors aim to encourage, edify and support the youth through our program initiatives by using relevant personal experiences and skills.
We educate the youth in our program by teaching computer skills. We provide after school assistance and community resources all designed to prepare them for the world that awaits them. Specifically, we teach life skills and job preparedness- such as resume writing, the application process, what to expect on an interview and even how to put on a tie and dress for an interview. As the youth go through our program, not only do they gain a marketable skill, they learn what to look forward to and what to expect from the world that awaits them.
Motivateum Inc. has strong ties with the Los Angeles County Probation Department, Los Angeles County Court Juvenile Justice Department, Los Angeles Unified School District, Local Businesses and many other local youth organizations